Combined treatments for the oval of the face

  Nowadays, the approach adopted in aesthetic medicine is COMPREHENSIVE and often involves combining various techniques. Combined treatments enable us to achieve natural results that are also more effective.   After a detailed clinical analysis, a personalised treatment plan is recommended for each patient. The different treatments that I personally like to combine are: hyaluronic acid injections, tensor threads, radiofrequency, and sometimes cryolipolysis for treating a double chin.   The oval of the face and the sagging skin that goes with it are the most complex things to correct, and we need to treat several areas using different techniques to …Read more »

Your smartphone could be damaging your skin

We already know that smart devices can lead to decidedly 21st-century issues like tech neckand cellphone elbow, but some experts also suggest that they can cause premature aging of your skin. The culprit, they claim, is HEV or high energy visible light, which is naturally occurring but also pours out of the screens of devices like smartphones, computers and tablets. A study out of the University hospital of Nice in France found that compared to UVB irradiation, blue-violet light (also known as HEV) created significantly more pronounced hyperpigmentation of the skin that lasted up to three months. Other experts link the blue light from …Read more »

Five Reasons to Incorporate Collagen in Spa Services

  If you opened up your medicine cabinet right now, chances are most of your facial creams and products would have collagen listed as an ingredient. In fact, the term is thrown around so loosely in the industry that it almost seems like a requirement for anything skin-related. Even though estheticians preach the benefits of collagen on a daily basis, the list is so extensive that some are often overlooked.   What are the top five reasons for boosting collagen? Skin Strengthening Skin Health Combat Sag Boost Skin Immunity Skin Longevity Why is collagen so important for a client’s skincare routine? Although …Read more »

Continuing education courses

  Whether it’s for license renewal or NCEA Certified credential recertification, career development, or to increase job opportunities, the need for continuing education is a very real demand of every skin care professional. But while the benefits of continuing education are obvious, the cost is high: travel expenses; time away from home; and scheduling conflicts with work. Institute Rejuvee now provides affordable, quality continuing education courses at your convenience, presented by experts in a variety of subject areas! Start your continuing education now! Team Rejuvee  


Face Yoga began getting widespread attention within the past couple years as companies formed to provide facial exercise training, vloggers flocked to YouTube to demonstrate the techniques, and celebrities opened up about their use of exercise to maintain their youthful looks. At first glance, it makes sense: exercise is good for the rest of your body, so why not your face? However, many dermatologists remained skeptical. Wrinkles such as smile lines can form as patients make the same facial expressions over and over. The more they scrunch up their face, the deeper their wrinkles. In these cases, botulinum toxin injections, including Botox, …Read more »

Choosing the Best Chemical Exfoliant for Each Client

  Chemical exfoliants have been some of the oldest, most recognizable, and helpful cosmetic ingredients in skin care and their popularity and usefulness has not yet diminished. They remain one of the most reliable methods for skin resurfacing and improving the overall appearance of the skin as they continue to be highly sought after as the “miracle” for anti-aging. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 1,360,850 chemical peels performed in 2016 – up four percent from 2015 and up 18 percent from the year 2000. There are two main categories of chemical exfoliants: alpha hydroxy acids …Read more »


Though many herbs, essential oils, and carrier oils have few reported side effects, allergies and reactions may occur with anyone, at any time. It is important to ask about allergies (particularly to ragweed and other seasonal allergies) during the client consultation, prior to using or recommending any plants. Be aware that anyone can be allergic to anything at any time, regardless of allergy history or past allergy test results. Patch testing is always a good idea. Phototoxicity is another legitimate concern. Be careful with herbs in the citrus or mint families, topical application of St. John’s wort, any herbs containing …Read more »


SPRINKLE ON THE CINNAMON, RESEARCH SUGGESTS.                                                                                                                  One of the most common requests at medical spas is for fat reduction. Be it Coolsculpting, liposuction, or Kybella injections, customers are turning to fat-fighting treatments to help slim their waistline and other problem areas. As effective as …Read more »

Five Important Tips on Keeping Client’s Skin Hydrated This Winter

Dry, dehydrated skin often affects clients in the winter months, leaving them feeling frustrated and, dare we say, Scrooge-like. However, the right cosmetics and skincare regimen can keep dry, flakey skin at bay. Here are some quick tips on how to avoid it.   “To avoid dry skin, be sure to encourage clients to hydrate their lips every day and choose the right lip formula for winter. Also, pass on using face powder and choose liquid/creamy makeup formulas.” —Alicia Grande, CEO,  “It’s essential to always drink water and cut down on caffeine, which can be very dehydrating. Also, hydrating the skin …Read more »

The Latest in Noninvasive Facial Rejuvenation

    With scientists working overtime to advance virtual reality, gene editing, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and much more, it’s a shame for aging faces everywhere that they still haven’t prototyped a time machine. Not only are skincare pros offering boosters and device-driven techniques that nip photodamage, wrinkles and sagging skin in the bud, but even cosmetic surgeons recommend comprehensive topical skin care as an integral way to maximize facelifts’ results. But facial surgery’s postprocedure downtime and potential for long-term side effects is driving many aesthetic consumers toward noninvasive, time-erasing alternatives. Here, DAYSPA presents the latest and greatest ways you …Read more »



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