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The Clinically Proven RF Technology


3rd Radio Frequency technology products have undergone extensive clinical trials and have been the subject of peer-reviewed professional publications.  Treatment with 3rd RF technology platforms are supported by world-renowned physicians, who are using these products and platforms in their practices in addition to actively advocating 3rd RF technology by publishing scientific literature and presenting clinical results at professional conferences.


 Clinical trials with 3rd Radio Frequency RF technology:

Produced an average circumference reduction in main body areas (abdomen, buttocks, thighs) of 3.6 ± 2.4 cm with a maximum reduction of up to 10.5 cm in the abdomen.

Demonstrated lipolytic activity in ex-vivo human skin models measured a statistically significant increase in the amount of glycerol released by adipose tissue.

Produced collagenesis with a statistically significant repair of altered collagen in skin that was experimentally aged using UV radiation, with a tendency towards increasing collagen synthesis

Demonstrated excellent skin tolerance, with cell viability in the epidermis close to that of control skin

The Clinically Proven RF Technology

The Clinically Proven RF Technology

From testimony MD Amy Taub -Chicago USA

Visual validation for the patient that the treatment is working
Immediate Results: Collagen fibers contract
Long Term Results

49% In dermal thickness of
collagen fiber

From Testimony Michael H. Gold, MD

Principle work of 3rd generation radio frequency
Result after first treatment