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Online training is created for students who possess certificates of cosmetology, esthetics, RN's and other medical professionals, and for select courses massage therapist.

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Students receive a certificate of completion for the training on a particular machine and get the right to work on it.


We are not accepting cancellation for on line training.
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"I accept that I have no right to refund money. I got the book over the internet and allowed me access to training tests. These I confirm that I voluntarily make a payment via PayPal."
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Hands-on Extension for on-line courses

To compliment your on-line learning, we offer you the option to come to Rejuvee Institute in New York for one or two days to practice hands-on what you just learned under the supervision of Dr. Matovski.

Elena Ramon

Elena Ramon
Hands-on Extension

Poster Ultrasound Cavitation

Poster Ultrasound Cavitation

Poster Three Polar RF

Poster Three Polar RF
Hands-on Extension