Terms and conditions for workshop bookings

Terms and Conditions for Workshop Bookings


  1. 1.    Booking and Confirmation
    1. Rejuvee can only accept bookings accompanied by a guarantee of payment. This can be in the form of a check or credit card. Postal or fax bookings must be accompanied by a signature and method of payment.
    2. Rejuveecannot accept bookings by telephone or “provisional” bookings.
    3. Submission of a booking form indicates the participant agrees to the terms and conditions set out and will be charged the appropriate workshop fee.
    4. Once guarantee of payment is received, Rejuvee will Endeavour to confirm bookings within three working days. This is dependent on the accuracy of information submitted in the booking form by the participant. Should no confirmation be received within this time it is the responsibility of the participant to contact the Rejuvee administration.
    5. Detailed joining instructions will be sent out prior to the workshop by email, post or fax. Participants submitting late bookings (less than one week in advance) must contact Rejuvee administration if no instructions are received within two working days of the workshop.
    6. Where there is over-subscription for a workshop, the order in which bookings are received shall determine their priority (first come, first serve basis).
    7. Rejuvee reserves the right to refuse the booking of a participant.
  2. 2.    Location and Start date/time
    1. All workshops commence on the date and time, and at the location specified in the instructions.
    2. While instructions will include details about the location of the workshop, it is not possible to provide information about parking.
  3. 3.    Workshop Content and Prerequisites
    1. All participants are required to meet the necessary technical prerequisites as detailed in the workshop description under ‘Workshop Requirements’.
    2. The topics covered in a workshop will be as detailed on the Rejuvee web site. Participants should ensure that the content is appropriate before booking.
    3. Rejuvee reserve the right to add, alter or remove workshop content without giving prior notice, provided the materials used still meet the advertised description for that workshop.
  4. 4.    Rescheduling or Cancellation by Rejuvee
    1. Where a workshop is under-subscribed, Rejuvee reserves the right to change or cancel such a workshop. In the unlikely event of this happening, participants will be informed as soon as possible and offered an alternative workshop place or full refund.
    2. In the event of cancellation of a workshop, Rejuvee cannot be held responsible for non-refundable costs incurred such as travel and accommodation.
  5. 5.    Pricing and Invoicing
    1. The fee for a place in a workshop is payable in dollars. Fees include course workbook, lunch, morning coffee and afternoon coffee.
    2. Terms of payment are 30 days from the date of invoice or by check or credit card.
  6. 6.    Cancellation, Transfer and Failure to Attend
    1. Once a booking form has been submitted, any cancellation, including non-attendance, that leaves an unfilled place will incur the full workshop charge. Should a participant wish to transfer to a later workshop, notice must be given at least two weeks in advance of the original workshop and agreement will be at the discretion of Rejuvee.
  7. 7.    Copyright
    1. All notes and handout materials developed by Rejuvee for workshop participants are protected by copyright. They may not be reproduced wholly or in part without prior consent from Rejuvee.
  8. 8.    Local Conditions
    1. Participants may be subject to local conditions for use of computer systems at the host institution.
    2. Access to local machines and servers will only be available to participants during the workshop.
    3. Material saved on local machines or servers will only be available to participants during the workshop. Participants wishing to save files created at the workshop should bring a USB drive.
    4. During some workshops, the work of participants may be available on the internet.
  1. Responsibilities
    1. Participants bringing along valuables and personal property do so at their own risk and are responsible for their safety. Rejuvee cannot be held liable for loss or damage to personal items.
    2. All travel and accommodation arrangements are the responsibility of participants. Workshop staff cannot facilitate local transport or other arrangements.

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