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Great care and planning have gone into the development of our professional workshops. They have been designed for the cosmetic Professional at most levels. We take great pride in having trained 100’s of successful cosmetologists, estheticians and practitioners.  Here are only some of the testimonials about Rejuvee workshops.


Scott Luckow, M.D., PA
Hello, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful courses. I was completely satisfied with the whole experience. The entire staff was pleasant, accommodating and informative. Bojana was great, and I enjoyed our graduation celebration although, I would have liked it if everyone could have joined.  Maybe next time? I’m still working on my office location and business plan. I have a list of patients eager and ready to have me work on them. Thank you, I have honed my skills and feel more capable of providing these services. Keep in touch.

Elena Christoph, MD
Thanks, for the course. 3 Pol RF wet blue light, on the money, worth every penny.

Yovanka Malkovich, Cosmetology
I attended your basic first level 3 Pol RF. Please send my information for another level – Body second level 3 Pol RF. I can’t wait to know more. I plan to come back to you guys and take mesotherapy/without needles RF soon – but I thought you would appreciate the feedback.  You guys are the best!

Gabriela Olaru, RN, /New Jersey
Hello Bojana, I would like to thank you for a fantastic experience at the Boston seminar on 3 Pol RF technology. It was a complete education, thoroughly inspiring and never a dull moment.  I feel fortunate to have chosen your program over anyone else’s. Thank you!

 Down L. Martin, RN
Seattle, Washington
Bojana, I just wanted to personally thank you again for taking your time to educate me on 3Pol RF new technology in the most wonderful experience of cosmetics new technology! I feel so fortunate to have learned such a wealth of information by a highly educated and experienced staff. I went away from these courses with more knowledge than I had anticipated, and I am looking forward to practicing and improving my skills successfully. I really look forward to attending more courses to continually expand my knowledge. I will recommend your course to all and anyone who has the same passion for new technology as I have. Again, thank you for sharing all of your expertise with me.

 Stephanie Harwell West Bloomfield, NJ
Bojana, I just wanted to say thank you for a truly outstanding course!  I finally got the hands-on experience I was looking for & confidence to start doing something new for my customers that I didn’t get from other courses. Thanks again. With warmest personal regards, Stephanie

Christina T.Janitan,/ estheticians NY
Bojana Matovski provides a comprehensive course based on her expertise and knowledge .Her credentials and training is well established in this technique. She exhibits a good sense of business and quality care in her lectures. All the necessary materials are provided, and plenty of time for hands on practice is allowed. After leaving the course, I feel confident that I have learned a valuable skill that I can offer as a good service to my patients.

Maria T. owner/cosmetology/NY

Dear Bojana, I want to thank you again for your workshops.  Others do not duplicate the professionalism with which you present the material in your field. You are thorough and dynamic.  The material you present encompasses many different modalities, and I feel this serves your multifaceted audience well.  In addition, I feel the instructors you have surrounded yourself with prove to be a deep well of knowledge and experience.  You are truly changing lives.  After the 3 Pol RF workshop, I feel my professional life will never be the same because you have inspired and empowered me to look at my abilities and myself in a new light. Thank you.

Maria Resto-Triguero/FL

Cape Coral

Congratulations to my Skin Care Mentor; Dr. Bojana Matovski Founder/President of Rejuvee and Rejuvee Crew. Thank you for your guidance and motivation to push myself with pursuing my continued education for continued Wisdom. Love You. Maria Resto Triguero


Sandra Jackson/CA

Crescent City

Thank you Dr. Bojana for helping me with journey in the skin rejuvenation beautification and newest of my services Ultrasound cavitation with radio frequency. I look forward to taking more classes with you and broaden my horizons. Thank you, Sandra Jackson


Althena Madrid/NM


It was a pleasurable morning with Dr. Bojana Matovski. I have been offering ultrasonic cavitation at Le Re Skin Care, and it was a pleasure to learn so much more about this amazing treatment. Althena Madrid

March 2014



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