Mesotherapy RF Treatment



 RF Mesotherapy Equipment

This needle free RF meso sens therapy equipment combines the latest electrophoresis and RF techniques. Without the assist of any injector, this mesotherapy machine can transmit nutrients into the inner membrane through AQP, which is the main channel for water to enter into and come out of the cells. Meanwhile, the bipolar RF energy can act on the deep dermis, evenly heating and shrinking the collagen and promoting the growth of new collagen.

Hence, our needle free RF mesotherapy equipment is ideal for skin tightening and wrinkle removal.

How does treatment feel?

The treatment is a very simple and pleasant experience. After your expert assessment and consultation, all you have to do is lie down on the treatment table. Your therapist will then set your custom made treatment parameters on the machine, will apply a special cream on the required areas, and will start gliding the equipment hand piece on the areas to be treated. In a few seconds you will feel a pleasant, deep heat sensation (due to the radio frequency) and you will hear a high pitch sound (due to the ultrasound cavitation).

Facial beauty

This  RF mesotherapy equipment can tighten and lift the facial skin tissue, whiten the skin, and reduce wrinkles and spots on skin, etc.

The facial Meso therapy RF is also known as Mesolift or Meso sens therapy for skin rejuvenation.

Sun damage and the aging process is cruel to our skin as it making our skin lose its elasticity. Mesolift helps infuse our skin with potency vitamins and minerals enhancing anti-oxidants and revitalizing our skins to a more firm, grow and radiant, youthful and healthier skin.

How does Mesotherapy RF  – Facial work?

Meso-CRF Facials (thermolipolysis with mesotherapy RF), being a combination of two different techniques (radiofrequency and virtual mesotherapy), combine all the benefits radiofrequency with those of the best active ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica, Hydroxyproline, Skin Peptides, Vitamin C and many others.

Face areas that can be treated with Mesotechnology RF – Facial include under-chin, jowl, cheeks, laugh lines, crow’s feet, under-eye, and forehead.

Mesotherapy RF – sculpts the body:
Mesotherapy RF, our non-surgical body sculpting program, removes unwanted pockets of body fat, giving a natural contour to the body. Many patients who have had Liposuction in the past, have chosen Mesotherapy for their touchups. With Mesotherapy RF, you can smooth unevenness, which may have resulted from the surgery or from subsequent weight gain.

Mesotherapy RF – for men and women
Mesotherapy RF is an exciting specialty in Aesthetic. It has revolutionized the treatment of cellulite and fat giving dramatic results without surgery.

Mesotherapy RF eliminates Cellulite:

Cellulite in a common skin condition with visible symptoms. Even thin individuals experience dimpling or lumpiness to the legs or buttocks. Dieting and exercise are not effective, as they do not address the causes of cellulite formation. These include defective non-elsatic connective tissue, local water retention, and the swelling of fat cells. Our Meso-treatment program, combined with our Meso RF system, specifically attacks the causes of cellulite. This combination provides the most successful cellulite treatment available today.

We constantly seek to offer you the best treatment available

To the best of our knowledge, the combination of high-power, fat-specific radiofrequency, high-power cavitation, and 15-ingredient electro-meso sens therapy comprises the most powerful and comprehensive technology available today for the treatment of cellulite, skin laxity and localized fat deposits on the face and body.We constantly research and often try new technologies in order to offer our customers the best treatment possible. If a new and more effective technology appears, we aim to immediately adopt it, however expensive it is.

Science, experience, personalized treatment, personal care by an expert

It is reassuring for you to know that the treatment you will receive from us will be personalized and based on science, not the typical half-knowledge of the beauty industry. We daily follow all the research and new developments in our field, including assessment of all the latest equipment and active skin firming, fat reducing and anti-cellulite ingredients.

Our background in physics and 12-year study and research of cellulite have allowed us to properly assess with scientific criteria all skin firming/cellulite treatments available and to determine which techniques work and which don’t.




The facial Mesotherapy RF is also known as Mesolift or Meso sens therapy for skin rejuvenation.

Mesotherapy RF Cellular Remuval

Mesotherapy RF Cellular Remuval

Mesotherapy RF – for men and women

Mesotherapy RF is an exciting specialty in Aesthetic. It has revolutionized the treatment of cellulite and fat giving dramatic results without surgery.

Mesotherapy RF Cellular Removal

Mesotherapy RF Cellular Removal

How many? How long? How often?

Mesotherapy-RF, radio frequency and mesotherapy procedures, are non-intrusive, non-surgical, pain-free, bruise-free, swelling-free, redness-free, downtime-free and side effect-free. Treatments are pleasant and relaxing, last 45 minutes and are typically taken once or twice a week (although you may receive as many as three sessions per week and as few as one session every two weeks).Most women need 6-12 sessions for best results. The first long-term results appear in 3-4 sessions. After you finish your course of treatments, results are maintained for up to 2 years if you follow a generally healthy, active lifestyle.