3 Polar RF

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 3 POLAR RF with blue  light


3 Polar RF (three-phase radio frequency) is the latest nonsurgical method of lifting face and body

3 Polar RF is a digitized machine with seven digital programs.  Pluton Electronic devices are very comfortable to work with. When we say RF – radio wave lifting – we mean the stimulation of collagen and elastic fibers synthesis, which means that intercellular matrix hyaluronic acid is the middle skin layer.

The target cell for this mechanism is the fibroblast, which due to aging “falls asleep.” We re-stimulate these cells via an enzymatic system to synthesize collagen. This re-stimulation reinforces the dermis, giving the skin a new texture and reducing or fully eliminating wrinkles.

Radio waves go deep into the dermis by accumulating locally.  This method speeds up the local blood circulation, activates fibroblasts, and stimulates the creation of new collagen in the tissue. The effects are improved skin tone, texture, removal of cellulite, fat, etc.

What’s so unique and new for the three-phase Radio Frequency is that is uses two special 3 Polar RF heads with blue light, one for face and another for the body.


SER Flajer 3



3POLAR -RF New Model

3POLAR -RF New Model

3 Polar RF – Lifting

3 Polar RF – Lifting

Improved skin tone, texture

Improved skin tone, texture


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