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Q-Polar RF with blue light 

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The next generation Radio Frequency (RF) technology is Quadro Polar RF.

This newest quadruple Radio Frequency device with blue light is a high-frequency generator with four poles that is extremely beneficial to the skin and tissue.

The fourth pole produces a more pleasant feel to clients, and the treatment is better and longer lasting.

In order to achieve better and more effective treatment results, Electronic Pluto in its products incorporates the additional PDT-blue light therapy, which accelerates production collagen and revitalizes skin.

RF Quadro–Polar is based on Active’s BRF Technology (Burst Repetition Frequency). Combined with real–time continuous thermal skin monitoring, this technology provides treatment effectiveness and side effect free treatments.

Quadro Polar RF is designed to produce skin-tightening; it also removes unwanted fat and toxins. The new treatment is based on two RF effects: fat cells drainage/breakage and skin rejuvenation and lifting.


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With the RF energy, we can increase the metabolism of the connective tissues and break/ shrink the fat cells trapped inside them, resulting in a smooth, cellulite free skin.

The device is based on a patented active Quadro polar RF technology for deep penetration through the skin with a limited influence on the epidermis. The procedure is painless, even pleasant; there is a feeling of warmth.

What’s so unique and new for the four-phase Radio Frequency is that is uses two special QPolar RF heads with blue light, one for face and another for the body.

10 minutes after the first treatment.



Qpolar RF

Qpolar RF

Four pole RF, radiowave method of removing cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks

Special radio access heads with a pole over TROPOLARNIH appliances, have a deeper effect, localized in scope and more comfortable for the client.Improved effect on fat removal.The latest device from the family RF devices.


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