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           RF- Epilator- Electrocoagulation System


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RF Epilator is a high-efficiency apparatus run by a microprocessor

 Usage: High-frequency radio wave method, small tweezers or a very fine needle are used for removal of unwanted hair, visible capillary lines, warts, skin tags and other minor irregular formations on the skin.

Efficacy: with the needle is 90%; with tweezers about 50%.

The method does not require a neutral electrode, therefore currently does not flow through the patient’s body.

Electrocoagulation may be used to remove vascular blemishes such as:

Spider Veins

Ruby Points


Skin Tags




How Does it Work Epilator RF




Epilator RF is the easy way to reliably treat cosmetically unacceptable conditions of telangiectasia and spider veins.
Unlike IPL and most Lasers, Epilator RF can safely treat any skin type, including tanned skin. Compact, portable Epilator RF instantly eliminates vessels dependably and repeatably. Epilator RF delivers results using unique, proprietary Radio Frequency technology.



High Patient Satisfaction

• Treat fine vessels up to 0.3 mm diameter
• No anesthesia required
• Clears vessels laser/IPL and sclero leave behind
• Immediate results
• Usually only a single treatment required

High Value to Your Office

• Excellent Investment
• Can be used by physician staff under the direction of trained physician
• Remarkable ease of use
• Compact system is easily moved from room to room
• Reliable technology with fast depot repair service
• Cleared by the FDA for treatment of lower limb spider veins and telangiectasia