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The Best Acne Treatment with PDT- Light


What is Acne?

Acne is an inflammatory condition of the sebaceous (or oil) glands of the skin that lead to the production of pimples. Acne most commonly affects the face, neck, chest, shoulders, and upper back which have a high concentration of sebaceous follicles. Blackheads and whiteheads (technically known as open and closed comedones, respectively) develop when the follicles become clogged and inflamed. When pimples become badly inflamed, they can become painful cysts. These cysts are located deep in the skin and can lead to acne scarring.

Acne Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

There have been many myths about the cause of acne. Acne can be a result of poor hygiene and diet, but heredity and hormones play the largest roles in the development of acne since they directly affect sebaceous glands.

The light treatments are the most advanced technology for the treatment of acne. One of the latest procedures delivers PDT – Light to the dermis to target the overactive sebaceous glands. Although the marked reduction in acne lesions is observed within a couple of treatments, a series of 4 to 6 treatments delivered at 2-4 week intervals are usually necessary to achieve the desired clinical clearance. The glands and the bacteria within them are selectively destroyed by this process and result in a reduction of further acne outbreaks.

Acne scars reduction

The most effective reduction of acne scars is with the use of 3 Polar RF or Mesotherapy RF.

Name of class: Acne & Acne Scars Reduction by using the latest                                                 PDT- LIGHT technology


Location: Institute Rejuvee, New York

Duration: 1 day (5-6 hours)

Certificate of attendance


Hands-on training

Basic: PDT- Light Therapy, 3 Polar RF, and Mesotherapy RF

Concept of acne and acne scars reduction



Fee: $ 150.00

Institute Rejuvee organizes one-day classes

For more information please contact

Dr. Bojana Matovski

rj4students@gmail or

Mobile: 201 660 0321